Here is an article from the Atlantic regarding David Rees and his new instructional program.

There are new episodes tonight at 10PM on @NatGeoChannel

Biography of Hitler, HEAVILY highlighted by precious owner, found in a garage on Deer Isle, Maine.

Biography of Hitler, HEAVILY highlighted by precious owner, found in a garage on Deer Isle, Maine.

Don’t you make the same dumb mistake I did by going away to Maine. 

The adults and teens of VILLAGE HARMONY choral group serenade Jonathan, The Fresh Banana Man of the I-85 Southbound Service Plaza in Kennebunk, Maine.

(As referenced in this week’s JUDGE JOHN HODGMAN)

This video was provided by @cameron_gilmour, a member of that group, and even though he apparently had his camera set on MINECRAFT PIXEL FILTER, I assure you: IT IS REAL.

It was brought to my attention by JONATHAN himself, whom you may follow at @FreshBananasHea. It was a complete surprise to him. 

And in equal parts surprise, delight, and HORROR to me, it apparently was in NO WAY inspired by the JUDGE JOHN HODGMAN podcast. 

Adults and teens who are in traveling choral/shapenote groups just like BANANAS and SALESMANSHIP as much as anyone, I guess. 

PS: This week’s JJHO Verdict was broadcast a little out of order. It was recorded once I had already arrived in Maine.

So in a couple of weeks, when you hear me and Monte talking about GOING to Maine, do not be alarmed. You are not insane. 

That is all. 

"The recipes for bear may also be used for wild boar"

"The recipes for bear may also be used for wild boar"


It’s the law.


It’s the law.


Sorry it’s late…

All of my @maxfunHQ friends are on the Boat Party and I think that’s why we haven’t posted a new Judge John Hodgman YET. 

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Here is Judge John Hodgman Verdict No. 169: HUNTER GAVELER.

You’ve probably already heard it. I am a little late tumbling it to you, and another verdict will come up in a minute.

But if you did miss it, this is a dispute between a husband and wife over whether he should hunt on their rural property in the state of Georgia. 

My old Men’s Journal colleagues (and now CELEBRATED AUTHOR OF NOVELS) Jonny Miles comes by to have some whiskey and offer his wisdom, plus a recipe for Dove-and-Triscuit-Toaster-Oven-Pizza.

Go learn more about the great Miles by going HERE.

You may meanwhile subscribe, discuss, debate, and trade dove recipes HERE, as always.

See you soon. 

That is all. 

You can very briefly see me etherize a young woman in this trailer for “The Knick.”

"The Knick" is a new Cinemax show about surgeons on opium in the early 1900s. It stars Clive Owen who does not need mustache in order to act, and was directed by the great Stephen Soderbergh. I hope he never retires.

This show starts on August 8. I will have more to say about the insane series of hooks and levers that were involved in 1900 just to put on a necktie, as well as details on how this whole thing was basically lit by small incandescent bulbs. It’s great. 

Meanwhile, MARRIED returns tonight with episode two, and I think I’m in this episode so you are safe to watch it.