"It’s not the old fashioned sum total of human knowledge—that is to say, true things that actually exist. It’s a much better sum total of human knowledge, because it comes from Earth-Hodgman. And Hodgman knowledge is so much finer than any other knowledge anywhere.”

—Neil Gaiman

JOHN HODGMAN is the author of two previous books of COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE, both New York Times Bestsellers. 

In 2005, THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE covered subjects as diverse as the secrets of the Loch Ness Monster; the nine US presidents who had hooks for hands; the nicknames and mottoes of the 51 United States; and a list of 700 traditional hobo nicknames. 

MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU REQUIRE followed in 2008 with information on how to rid your house of a Scottish Terrier infestation; how to win at poker and hermit crab racing; a day-by-day history of the past; and a list of 700 traditional mole-man nicknames.

After an appearance to promote his books on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” Hodgman became a contributor to the program, returning periodically as that show’s Resident Expert to solve all of Jon Stewart’s problems.

This led to a period of time as an accidental famous minor television personality, becoming the “Personal Computer” in a series of commercials for Apple computer, and most recently appearing on HBO’s “Bored to Death” as Louis Greene, a person who hates Jason Schwartzman. 

Hodgman’s work has also appeared in McSweeney’s,The Paris Review, and The New York Times Magazine, and on public radio’s “This American Life.”

He lives in Brooklyn, and in Western Massachusetts, and at the Chateau Marmont. 

You may write him directly at hodgman (at) maximumfun.org

If you wish for him to speak in front of your group, retreat, seminar, audience, or family reunion, please contact HEIDI FEIGIN via feiginh (at) unitedtalent (dot) com.


(Photo by Brantley Gutierrez