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Before another week tumbles over, I just want to thank the AV CLUB for featuring Judge John Hodgman Verdict No. 101 “Courtlandia” in their Podmass round-up this week, plus my favorite photo of my mustache with a bunch of ferns. 

I am re-posting the audio above, as I think it’s a fine listen, and I enjoyed talking to those Philadelphian hipsterds. That is a word I just made up. 

AV Club is one of my favorite things to read, and I’ve been honored to be mentioned in Podmass before. But this one touched me.

When the automated podcast of the old “Today in the Past” episodes ended a couple of years ago, I didn’t want to just let the feed die, and leave its listeners with the empty crackle of dead podcast air.

So I asked Jesse if we could revive the very occasional “Judge John Hodgman” segments we would do on Jordan Jesse Go as a regular podcast. Because it seemed a fun way to keep on my toes creatively, and I like telling you people why you are wrong. 

But it’s turned out to be more. My career has twisted and turned since then, always in exciting, and sometimes in terrifying ways. And I cannot understate what a pleasure, and frankly, a comfort it has been to come to know you all—on the podcast, via the New York Times Magazine, and in person at shows and just on the street. 

The John Hodgman you hear on the podcast is essentially just me talking. And after years of very happily being a professional imitator, a half-professional expert, a personal computer, a deranged millionaire, and a Louis Greene, it is gratifying and reassuring to know that there is tolerance out there for all those things, yes, but also the part of me that is just me, saying the things that are on my mind, and telling you how to live. 

Thank you. 

I am doing a show with Rory Albanese and Adam Lowitt at Temple University on Thursday 3/21. It’s free, but open only to Temple students and faculty. Details are HERE, if you’d like to attend. 

But that should be done around 9:30, and then my instinct is to go over to Bob & Barbara’s, and if you feel like meeting up with me there, you should. Maybe Hipster Lyndie and Nerdly McSka-Hockey will show up. We’ll drink some specials and have a good time. Thursday is drag night at B&B’s, so if it’s too crowded, I’ll post an emergency alt location to this very tumblr. 

In the meantime, all I can say is: thank you.

That is all. 

  1. larryherold said: You bring the joy. Thanks.
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  3. swilkesism said: John Hodgman, you are the greatest. I wish I could convey the words “thank you!” in the clipped but sincere tone of Scharpling in this digital medium. I guess I’ll just type it: thank you for all that you do. And please come back Seattle.
  4. mcconville said: This episode is a delight.
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